Care & Cleaning of Equipment

All rentals are made with the understanding that normal wear and tear is included in the rental rate. However, any damage from misuse or improper care will be charged for. Our rental rate structure anticipates all equipment being returned clean or additional charges will be made.

Deposits & Prepayments

Deposits and full rental payments are required in advance for any item rented unless credit has been established in advance. Deposit can be paid for with an approved credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard,Discover). We do not accept prepaid credit cards, cash or checks for deposits.

Flat Tires, Hydraulic Lines, Tracks

Before operating rental equipment, check the job site for debris or terrain that could cause damage to tires, tracks, or hydraulic lines. In most instances, damage to tires, tracks, or hydraulic lines are caused by conditions on the job site and as such payment for the repairs is considered the responsibility of the customer. In the event of a flat tire, the customer should call General Rental Center of Monticello to be advised on what should be used as a replacement.

Equipment Breakdowns

In the event that the equipment you've rented is not operating as it should or has a problem, please contact the location you rented the equipment from immediately. Many problems can be solved over the phone. Continuing to run equipment in such a manner can cause excess wear, tear, and damage and result in extra time spent attempting to complete your project. If you do not call to inform us of the problem with the equipment and wait to inform us when you return the equipment when it is scheduled to be due, you may be held responsible for the full cost of the rental whether equipment was used or not.


All equipment requiring use of fuel is sent out with a full tank. Customers may choose to refuel equipment prior to returning it to us or pay us to refuel the equipment at the appropriate cost.

Rental Requirements

Renter is required to provide a valid Driver’s License and either a Credit or Debit card. If the rental goes past the specified rental period, the card will be charged accordingly.


It is a good idea to reserve the rental items in advance so we can have the equipment ready when you arrive. Some reservations require a deposit which may be nonrefundable.

Equipment Pickup

Equipment can only be picked up on the day the rental period begins. If you need to pick up earlier, you will pay additional for those extra days. Authorized signer for the credit card must be present at the time of the rental along with their credit card. We do not offer after hours pick up.

Cancellation or Rescheduling

The customer has the option to reschedule only due to muddy conditions. Customer needs to reschedule at the time of the cancellation. The customer must reschedule within a two week time frame so they don’t lose their deposit.

Past Due

Rented equipment is considered past due if not returned by the due date and time listed on the rental contract.

Rental Days & Prices

All items are charged by the rental time period.  A one day rental is 24 hours. Equipment is charged for time out, not time used.  Hour meter equipment allows 8-hours maximum meter time per 24-hour day or 40 hours maximum per week. Any hours over the limits will be prorated. All prices are subject to change without notice. Plan ahead and watch the weather. We do not allow extensions due to weather delay.

Overnight Rates

In order to qualify for an overnight rate, you must pick up the equipment during the last hour of business and return it during the first hour of business the following day. Hour meter equipment allowed up to 3 hours running time for the overnight rate (excluding Sundays).

Customer Pickup & Drop-off

We are happy to assist with loading and unloading equipment. We do not solely load and unload any items. You are required to bring your own tie downs and  securing your load to your vehicle and or trailer . All items must be fully unloaded/ unhooked before contracts can be closed out. All items handed out from the front counter must be returned to the front counter. We offer a lock up system for after hours drop off, please ask for details.

Towing Requirements

MNDOT states that driver is responsible for making sure all items are secured properly to their vehicle safely. The customer is responsible for bringing their own tie downs and securing there load. Plan ahead and verify you have the proper sized vehicle for towing. Also, verify you have the proper sized ball for hooking up to the trailer and electrical plug for the lights.

Delivery Policies

Call ahead to make arrangements (for an additional fee) to have one of our delivery drivers deliver the equipment to you. Our drivers will show the basic operating functions of the equipment before leaving. Delivery charges are subject to change and in many cases based on the distance the delivery site is from the store.Rental rates on delivered equipment are a minimum 1-day charge. Customer must call the store to request pick-up of equipment. General Rental does not automatically pick up equipment when the rental is scheduled to end. The renter is responsible for calling. Failure to call the store for pick up on time will result in additional charges for rental of the equipment based on the time the equipment was out of the yard. We deliver during business hours Monday thru Friday. We do offer a vehicle for rent if you don’t have the proper sized vehicle for towing.




Thank you for choosing General Rental Center of Monticello to be part of your special day! We want your event to be as enjoyable and hassle-free for you as possible. Please take a moment to review the following information about our deposit and rental policy. You are welcome to contact us with any questions, or for more information.


We require a non-refundable deposit payment of 50% of the total rental cost. Until a deposit is paid, the order is not guaranteed. All rentals are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Reservations should be placed as early as possible.


Remaining balance is due one week prior to the rental order being delivered, or being picked up by the customer. We cannot accept personal checks for the final payment. If paying by cash we need a credit card number on file for a damage deposit.


Delivery and pickup services are available when arranged in advance. PLEASE CALL FOR A QUOTE. Charges are based on the distance from our store to site of delivery. Delivery is curbside drop off and pickup. Curbside includes deliveries to commercial docks, residential garages, or driveways. Non-curbside deliveries can be arranged in advance for an additional fee (based upon time and logistics). There are additional charges if the delivery or pickup location has multiple doors or is in excess of 30 feet of vehicle, or is other than ground level (hills, fences, gates, elevator, or stairs). Portable toilets are directly behind where truck can back up to (driveway or street).  Delivery hours are between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday, additional charges apply for after hours. Set up and take down of rental items is not included in our standard rental or delivery fee, that service is available at an additional cost if arranged in advance.Our delivery staff is instructed to stack items in a mutually convenient place on delivery. Know where equipment is going and have an area prepared prior to our arrival. On pickup, rental items must be folded and stacked, everything dry, clean, repacked in same containers and ready to go in same convenient place as delivery. Additional charges will be applied for rental items not ready at pre-arranged time and place. If you experience difficulty in the operation of equipment or have concerns regarding items delivered, notify us at 763-295-2300 within 30 minutes of time of delivery so we can respond to your needs. If you do not make an attempt to contact us, no refund or allowance will be made.


All canopy pricing does not include delivery & pickup fees. Please ask for a quote. It is your responsibility to contact all underground utility companies and have locates done on your property before the installation of your canopy. There is an additional charge for canopies returned wet; please call us for any other questions.


Please do not leave linens in a plastic bag or other air tight container. You will be responsible for damage caused by mildew, burns, candle wax or tears. Please return velcro clips with skirting, and return all hangers.



A non-refundable deposit and Drivers License identification are required on all rentals and reservations, unless there’s a pre-existing charge account. Reservations should be placed as early as possible. All rentals are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

· Reservations made require 50% down in advance.

CANCELLATION POLICY (Canceling any individual item or entire reservation)

· Cancellations made will be charged 50% of rental fee.

· Special items ordered on customer’s behalf will be charged 100% (cannot be canceled). Ex: linens, napkins, and table runners.

· Cancellations made on Inflatables and Yard Games (due to rain or wind) will be charged 50% of rental fee. The customer has the option to reschedule within a year so they don’t lose the 50% deposit.


REDUCTIONS to Reservations will incur Cancellation Fees listed above.  Small (10%) reductions to quantities of items such as tables, chairs, dishware, etc are acceptable up to 3 weeks prior to reservation date.

ADDITIONS to Reservations can be made (depending on availability) up to time equipment is loaded.  Reservations being delivered are normally loaded 24 hours in advance of Rental Date Out.  If additions are made after vehicle has left the lot an additional delivery fee will be charged (if customer comes to get the equipment we will pickup the new equipment when we pickup what was delivered for no additional fee).




Reservations made require 50% down in advance. Deposit is non-refundable. Reservations should be placed as early as possible. All rentals are reserved on a first come first serve basis.


Friday pick up any time after 7:30 am and due back by 7:30 am Saturday.

Saturday pick up any time after 8 am due back by 9 am on Sunday.

Sunday pick up any time after 10 am and due back by 10 am Monday.



Cancellations made will be charged 50% of rental fee.



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